Menona Lake Fishing Trip
Algonquin Provincial Park
This was a trip to Radiant Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park with a side trip to Menona Lake for Smallmoth Bass fishing. It is a long way to travel for a day of supurb fishing. But who cares as long as you can get away for a few days to canoe and camp in the great outdoors. The only moose we saw on this trip was at the ranger's station. We caught a glimpse of his rear end as he quickly made and exit when we arrived. We did see other creatures including a Pine Martin. It was moving to fast to snap a picture.
We launched on Wendigo Lake which is outside the park while the morning mist still overhung the lake. 
We portaged into Allan Lake (180 meters) which has several campsites along the eastern shore. The picture below shows a well groomed portage trail from under the canoe with Miss Piggy and Kermit along for the ride.
I don't recall much about the trip until reaching Radiant Lake. We explored up and down the lake and into the Petawawa River. We found an excellent campsite along the northern shore. Shallow beaches allow one to walk 100 meters out into the lake where it was still only waist deep. 
We camped early and took a hike up the North River portage trail looking for moose. We enjoyed the serenity of our spot and watched the sun paint the sky as it dropped over the western horizon.
The next day we paddled back into Shoal Lake and took the 1555 meter portage up to Menona Lake. I say "up" because it was nearly all uphill. We had a great day fishing in this small lkae, watching the fish chase our lures and throwing back the smaller fish after we reached our limit.
Campsite on Radiant Lake
Moose Vigil
Portage Trail
Wendigo Launch
Sunset on Radiant Lake
We got an early start on the next day
Morning Mist
The yellow sign on the tree marks the portage. We had many to do this day.
God grants us another beautiful sunset to celebrate a great day in the wilderness.
On the trip back up our route to the car, these two Otters greeted us as we approached the portage to Clamshell Lake. They weren't very pleased to see us. They raised up out of the water and chattered their teeth to scare us away.
Shades of Mount St. Helen! A microburst struck here blowing down a large section of trees. Fortunately it wasn't through one of our portage trails.
Our trip is over. Back to work.
What can be better than cooking freshly caught fish over an open fire? I guess it is eating them.